Work Safely- Office Safety rules

Office Safety Rules

The company expects workers to follow its safety. These safety rules are for your safety only. Please use these safety rules on the jobsite to keep yourself and others safe.

  • Employees must wear their seat belts when driving on company business.
  • Report to work free from the aftereffects of drugs or alcohol.
  • Report maintenance needs or hazards before the end of your work shift.
  • Report incidents or injuries before the end of your work shift.
  • To reach items, use a proper foot stool or ladder and never stand on chairs or desks.
  • Keep the area around surge protectors clean and clear to allow for cooling airflow.
  • Do not use cords in aisles or in an area that creates a trip hazard.
  • Never “piggyback” surge protectors or use multiple extension cords.
  • Keep fire exits clear, unblocked and unlocked.
  • Fire exit and emergency lighting should be lit and battery backups should function.
  • Keep fire extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations clear.
  • Keep employee and visitor entrances clear of ice, snow and water.
  • Clean up spills of liquid and water.
  • Do not run.
  • Straighten floor runners or rugs that could trip fellow employees.
  • Keep desk chairs and desk drawers pushed in when not in use.
  • Know severe weather shelter locations within the building.
  • To prevent musculoskeletal injuries, report concerns with your computer, keyboard or mouse.
  • Get help to team lift heavy objects like office furniture, boxes of paper or other supplies.
  • Report security concerns, door locks or security system components that don’t function.
  • Wear proper footwear for winter weather and beware slip and trip hazards in the parking lot.