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Risk Assessment course has been tailored for Employees, and has been tailored for 1 day (7hrs), – in accordance with the customer’s requirements.


Risk assessments are necessary, but only effective if there is effective implementation of any corrective actions. Therefore, staff should have the necessary skills to undertake risk assessments in the form of a standard approach. Effective Risk assessment is not only a moral and legal duty; it represents sound commercial sense as identifying and addressing the root areas of risk and guard against future incidents.


These courses offer classroom style interactive discussions between the trainer and the delegates with practical and theoretical content and examples. Training methods include the use of discussion techniques and related workshop exercises to introduce some of the several areas of risk that need to be considered by educational establishments who has responsibility for risk assessments.

On completion of the course delegates will be evaluated on the subjects covered, by the use of internal and external validation process, and this will allow delegates to take their practical experience back to the workplace and have awareness of many of the issues relating to risk assessment. On successfully completing the course and validation, formal training certificates will be issued.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the legal aspects of risk assessments
  • Appreciate the practical processes of hazard identification, risk prioritization, control measures & monitoring & review requirements of risk assessments
  • Undertake and review a risk assessment
  • Follow the set policies and procedures laid down by The Customer – Health & Safety Unit.
  • Record a risk assessment using a standard proforma.

Lesson Topic

This session is entitled “Risk Assessment Training” which covers the following specific topics:

Welcome and Aims & Learning Outcomes

The Scale of the Problem

The Legal Position

HSE Iceberg

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999

Risk Assessment Principles

Hazards & Risks

Hazard Spotting

Suitable & Sufficient

Case Law Competency

Workshop – “Modern Art”

The Five Steps to Risk Assessment

1 – Looking for hazards

2 – Decide who may be harmed and how

3 – Evaluate the risks

4 – Record the significant findings

5 – Review assessments, revise if necessary

  • The cost of poor risk assessments
  • The process – What it expected, and what is the support

Practical Risk Assessment Process – case study

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