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When will be the last date for appearing NEBOSH IGC exam 2014 Specification?

Last assessment date for the November 2014 specification is 31 March 2022.

Can learners take unit passes over from the November 2014 to the October 2018 specification?

No – There will not be transferring learners between the old and new qualifications.

How long is the validity of NEBOSH Old Syllabus IGC Certificate?

All qualifications gained under former specifications of the International General Certificates are still valid; there are no expiry dates for NEBOSH qualifications.

Can learners take the 2018 specification assessments instead of the 2014 assessments?

Yes – but only if learners have not already registered for an IGC (November 2014 specification) unit. If they have they will not be able to transfer to the new specification. Learners that have started their studies but have not been registered for an assessment can choose to take the assessments for the revised qualification. You may need to supply additional support to these learners to ensure that they have covered the whole syllabus for the October 2018 specification.

Can I transfer my registration fee to another sitting?

We cannot transfer a fee for any reason. You will be marked absent at the examination sitting and full payment will be required at your next examination sitting.We can however, offer a refund of up to 70% of your registration fees for medical reasons.

I feel that my revision was affected, hampering my examination performance. Am I eligible for Special Consideration?

You will not be eligible for special consideration if: Preparation for the assessment is affected by difficulties during the programme of study (including revision), on the part of either: the student (eg. due to illness, work/domestic problems, etc), the course provider (eg. due to lack of proper facilities, changes in or shortages of staff, industrial disputes, etc). Where the circumstances prior to the assessment are of a temporary nature and are such that an effect on performance is reasonably foreseeable, the student is advised to postpone the assessment until a later date.

What happens if my examination script or assignment is lost?

NEBOSH in co-operation with our accredited course providers has rigorous procedures in place to ensure the security of completed examination scripts, practical assessments and assignments, including the use of tracked special delivery for all scripts sent to NEBOSH.However, in the highly unlikely event that a completed assessment script is lost, NEBOSH will do its utmost to ensure that a candidate in this situation is not disadvantaged. Such cases would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may include offering the candidate the opportunity to repeat the examination/assessment at no charge. Results will not be affected if the script is lost after the result has been recorded.In the case of assignments, we advise students to keep electronic and/or hard copies of submitted work and to submit their assignments to NEBOSH via Recorded or Special Delivery.

When will I receive my certificate?

Unit Certificates and Qualification Parchments are normally issued within two calendar months of the result declaration date stated on the Result Notification letter. This includes a one month window in which Enquiries About Results (EARs) can be made. In the case of unitised examinations this period also allows students the opportunity to inform us they wish to re-sit rather than accept a successful result or grade. As a result of the two-month turnaround for Certificates, certification is generally issued before the end of the EAR process (30 days to apply plus 40 working days to process), so if the EAR outcome requires the reissue of a Unit Certificate and/or Parchment, this will be done free of charge. However, the candidate will be required to return the original(s) and NEBOSH will not issue replacements until the originals have been received.

My certificate has been lost, can I get a replacement?

The regulatory authorities require that where the original certificate has been lost, stolen or not received the replacement is marked ‘reissue’ and printed with the reissue date. However, the certificate reference number will remain the same as the original. Once a certificate or parchment has been re-issued the original will no longer be valid. If a lost or stolen original is later presented to NEBOSH for authentication it will be identified as invalid. Repeated requests for re-issues from the same candidate and/or accredited course provider will be investigated before they are accepted. If evidence of fraudulent and /or negligent activity is found, the incident will be treated by NEBOSH as malpractice and where appropriate, reported to the appropriate authorities.

How much does it cost to study?

Course fees are determined by your course provider and vary depending on a number of factors, including the format of the course. Course providers should be contacted directly to obtain costs

Are there e-learning or flexible learning options available?

Our accredited Course Providers offer courses to fit around your requirements. Details of over 400 course providers can be found on our Where to study pages

I would like to see my marked examination script because the result does not match my expectations?

If you believe that your result does not match your reasonable expectations, you can request an Enquiry About Result (EAR)within one month of the date the result was issued.

Can I apply to NEBOSH directly for reasonable adjustments and/or special consideration?

Your NEBOSH accredited course provider will be able to apply for reasonable adjustments on your behalf up to one month before your examination sitting. Please contact your course provider directly to discuss your requirements.Special considerations must be applied for after the assessment via your course provider, and within seven working days of the assessment date.You can find further information by following the links for reasonable adjustments and special consideration procedures.

How do I check if a person holds a NEBOSH qualification?

NEBOSH receives regular requests from employers, recruitment agencies, Higher Education institutions, and other similar bodies to verify that an individual actually holds a NEBOSH qualification.If you have a copy of the qualification parchment, we can verify within 5 working days whether it is genuine or not.If you do not have a copy of the qualification parchment, we can still verify whether or not the individual holds one of our qualifications. However, in order for us to comply with the Data Protection Act, such requests can only be processed if the request is received in writing; using the qualification verification request form. Disclosure will not be made in response to an enquiry via the telephone. Requests to confirm qualifications held in the absence of a copy of the parchment will be processed as soon as all the relevant information and authorisations are received, but may take up to 20 working days. The person subject to this request does not have to provide authorisation. However, they must be aware that checks are being made. The organisation making the request must provide evidence that they have advised the individual they will be seeking to verify that they hold the qualification that they claim to. If they are unable to provide this evidence, authorisation from the person who is the subject of the request will be required. The information we provide will be limited to whether or not the individual holds the qualification claimed. NEBOSH will not disclose marks achieved or verify unit examination results. Requests to confirm qualifications to external educational institutions or for emigration/visa purposes, where completion of external paperwork is required will be processed within 5 working days from receipt of the relevant documents. NEBOSH will if requested, disclose marks achieved or verify unit examination results. Authorisation from the candidate will be required

What can I use my certificate for?

Certificates provide proof of achievement and are valuable documents that should be kept safe. Employers, professional bodies and academic institutions may ask to see Unit Certificates and/or overall Qualification Parchment as evidence of the award holder’s achievement.

Which are the best course providers for NEBOSH qualifications?

NEBOSH accredit a number of course providers offering a course of study leading to each of our qualifications. All course providers meet minimum requirements in order to achieve and maintain accreditation with us. We cannot make a recommendation to you and nor do we disclose examination pass rates for individual course providers. Course Providers differ in their teaching formats, the amount of support they provide, venue type and location and hence cost. We recommend that you contact a number of providers to discuss their services so you can make a choice of which suits you best

When will I receive my result?

For written examinations, the date by which the candidate should receive a written result notification is stated on the candidate’s examination entry confirmation. Certificate-level practical assessments must be taken within 14 days of a written examination so the practical result will be included with the result for the written examination. All results (including those for written assignments) should be received within ten weeks from the date of the examination or submission of assignment. Due to the personal and confidential nature of candidate results, NEBOSH regret’s that result notification cannot be provided by telephone under any circumstances

Can I re-take a successful unit in order to better my overall grade?

Students do have the opportunity to improve their overall grade by re-sitting the examinations/assessments of our unit-based qualifications. However, students must inform NEBOSH in writing of their intention to re-sit a unit within one month of the date of issue of the result notification for the final successfully completed unit. Otherwise, your results will be “declared” and a Qualification Parchment will be issued to you. Once a student has re-taken unit/s of a qualification for the purposes of improving an overall grade, NEBOSH must be informed in writing of their decision to now complete the qualification and receive a qualification parchment.
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