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OSH Courses  is ideal introduction to health and safety. Everyone should have a basic understanding of health & safety. To keep themselves and their colleagues safe and create a safer workplace for all.


Duration: 3 Days | 18 Hours


Assessment: Multi-format test

Safety Simplified enables learners to develop their skills to take ownership of health and safety policies and strategies in their organisations. Upon completion of Safety Simplified, learners will:


  • Understand the reasons for, and benefits of, managing health and safety.
  • Recognize common workplace hazards.
  • Have an improved understanding of organisational safety measures.
  • Understand how to help prevent incidents recurring.
  • Appreciate the purpose of inspections and audits.
  • Be equipped to contribute to supporting health and safety practices and create a better working environment for everyone.
  • Know how to undertake basic health and safety risk assessments and put in place appropriate control measures.


Why OSH?

The human and financial
costs of failing to manage health and safety are immense. Many organisations
and individuals can feel daunted by their responsibilities. But that doesn’t
have to be the case.

Safety Simplified is a
new approach in health and safety training that is relevant to anyone, in any
organisation, in any sector.

It aims to demystify the
practicalities of risk assessment and control, and help organisations reduce
accidents and work related ill-health, achieve greater employee engagement and
morale, and improve productivity.

Through a robust
learning experience, with lots of practical hints and tips, delegates will
return to their workplaces with ideas they can put into practice immediately.

The course content is
absorbing, and engaging, makes use of the latest technology, such as augmented
reality, to provide learning that brings health and safety to life and helps
learners make a real difference in the workplace.


Embark on this journey with us


What’s covered?


Making the case for health and safety


  • Responsibilities for employers and workers
  • Moral and legal reasons and benefits
  • Policies, objectives and resources
  • Checking and monitoring


Stopping incidents and ill-health before they happen


  • Risk assessments
  • What ‘hazard’, ‘risk’ and ‘risk assessment’ really mean
  • Why we do risk assessment
  • How you do risk assessment (five steps to risk assessment)


Stopping incidents from repeating themselves

A simple
four-step approach to investigations:


  • Gather information
  • Analyse information
  • Identify risk control measures
  • Develop action plan and implement it


Dealing with common workplace hazards


  • General workplace issues, violence/aggression, substance abuse, stress, noise/vibration
  • Hazardous chemicals/substances
  • Laptops/computers and manual handling
  • Electricity
  • Work equipment and work at height
  • Workplace transport


Keeping an eye on how things are going


  • Ignoring the trivial and focusing on the important
  • Inspecting the workplace
  • Auditing – what, why and how
  • Learning from good and bad practice


Options for development

Learning, doesn’t stop here. No matter which sector you work in ASHEI  offers a wide range of qualifications which are suitable for you.


For those looking to further develop in health and safety, ASHEI offers the internationally recognized general certificates, the International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. In addition to a range of subject and sector specific qualifications covering fire safety, process safety management, construction and oil and gas. ASHEI also offers a range of environmental qualifications, a perfect one day introduction. For those requiring a more in-depth coverage why not consider the  Certificate in Environmental Management.



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